Random Phrases and my Personal Goals

13th May was a special day.

I started 3 important things.

  1. Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch Meaning: Do not rely on something you are not sure of. 
  2. A.While this may be true, I still COUNTED. I have now 95 knowledge gaps I filled, new skills gained with the help of UDEMY online courses.  by 12th November I shall meet my 100 Certificates target.
  3. B. This blog is close to achieving its target of 100000 views, 75000 likes, 19-20000 visitors and 700 followers with over 6000 posts overall since the beginning. All this without using any SEO or Ad words – Primarily built on the strengths of my new BFFFs on WordPress who are helping me to achieve this goal. 
  4. C. The third is still a wish. To be a World class Speaker. Have done Udemy courses. Have joined 2 Toastmasters’ Best of Bangalore Clubs. Ongoing mission. One Global conference in Feb 19  is upcoming.
  5. Elvis Has Left The Building  Meaning: Something that is all over.No Ifs, Ands, or Buts.  Yes. A chapter ended on 13th May and some new ones – positive ones began. Wish my Painting and drawing had found some space in my life for some more time. 

Wisdom Quotes

You will never succeed if you don’t do anything at all.

Action is the foundational key to all success. (Pablo Picasso)

It’s when your thoughts, words and actions are in sync that you reach true happiness.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Top Startpreneur Stories

Morning Briefing (12 Min Reading Time)
Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world
With the growth of online pharmacies, a huge setback for the industry is on its way as the Madras High Court on Wednesday granted interim injunction announcing a ban on the online sale of medicines till the next hearing i.e. November 9. In its order, the court has directed the Centre to file its counterpoint and scheduled the next hearing.
Twitter Communications India has announced a 14% decline in its revenues for fiscal year ending March 2018. According to company filings with the Registrar of Companies, the company earned a revenue of INR 43 Cr in FY18 compared to INR 50 Cr in the previous financial year.
Amazon Pay (India) Pvt Ltd, Indian digital payments arm of the global ecommerce company Amazon, has announced the financial results for the fiscal year 2017-18 with a leap of 5100% in revenues and 88% in losses. The company recorded revenues of $53.18 Mn (INR 393.5 Cr), against $10.09 Mn (INR 7.47 Cr) in the previous year.
Fact sheet by Inc42 Datalabs.
Inc42 recently caught up with Avnish Sabharwal, the managing director of Accenture Ventures, recently. As we said, we’re putting our heads together with ecosystem stakeholders to dive deeper into the nuances of trends ahead of The Ecosystem Summit. Click here to become a part of the Summit!
DMI Finance has a corporate lending business for both real-estate and others. At the moment, DMI Finance has 38 live partners with discussions being on with 15 more. All the partnerships are heterogeneous in nature and 80% of DMI partners are developing solutions across student loans, consumption loans, healthcare loans, and more.
The Thing Conference
Mavrck has raised another $5.8 million in funding, bringing its total raised to $13.8 million. The new funding comes from GrandBanks Capital and Kepha Partners. A spokesperson said this isn’t a Series B, but rather additional capital raised to support increased demand and channel partnerships.
CBS continues to embrace online video streaming, introducing a second standalone network today that will be dedicated entirely to entertainment news. The new streaming network is called ET Live, and is a project from CBS Interactive and Entertainment Tonight, which is owned by CBS TV. The streaming service is free of charge, but supported by ads.
Stories has been a huge hit inside of Facebook’s apps, especially Instagram and WhatsApp. Zuckerberg even said that people will share more to Stories than they will to Facebook or Instagram’s feeds in the “not-too-distant future,” making Stories one of the most dominant ways that people share photos and videos online.

RAK Movement – Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Buy someone a coffee
  2. Apologise to someone you may have hurt
  3. Treat a friend – buy them lunch!
  4. Reconnect with your grandparents or an elderly person you know – give them a call!
  5. Leave someone flowers anonymously
  6. Open the door for someone
  7. Gift someone something they complimented you for
  8. Feeling inspired? Make a meal for your family or roommates
  9. Save your family some time and buy their groceries
  10. Give up your seat on the tube/bus

Jay’s Twisted Poems – In my Senior Moments:) ( Written in the Siesta Hours).

Spending time in nature with a superhero
Fight to death with your grandfather
Lost in time with your complete opposite
Competition performance of a cop
Locked in a zoo with a half-orc
Working with the ghost of somebody famous
Spending the summer with a gnome
Horror story of a goblin
Fears of a mechanic
Reality show with a martial art professional

Ruling the world with an online stranger
Day at the park with a king
Wrong choice of a comic/manga/etc character
Day at a convention with a half-elf
Lost in time with an expert
Shopping with a god
Relaxing with a man
Lost in a rainforest with your child(ren)
In hospital with a hunter
Separation of a centaur

Startpreneur’s favorite Your Story newsletter

Daily Capsule | 1st November

Good morning!

Here is some good news to start November with. India jumped 23 places in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index and now stands at the 77th position among 190 countries. Last year, India had jumped 30 places to claim the 100th spot.

While we are behind China, the US and New Zealand (actually everyone is behind them as they are in the top spot), you can still be assured that we’re ahead of 113 others.

The index, designed by Bulgarian economist Simeon Djankov, says India improved on six of the 10 parameters. That would surely come as good news for the government, which is making serious efforts to promote innovation in the country – like partnering with WhatsApp and encouraging incubators.

A distance covered, but miles to go.


Team YourStory

Stories you shouldn’t miss

Amazon’s Indian digital payments arm Amazon Pay (India) incurred a loss of Rs 334.2 crore in the financial year 2018, more than 88 percent compared to Rs 178 crore in the previous financial year, revealed documents filed with Registrar of Companies. The increase in loss is despite a whopping increase in operational revenue to Rs 389 crore in FY18, from a meagre of Rs 4.1 crore in FY17.

“A partnership between startups and WhatsApp is a natural step. We all end up starting our day with it,” said Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry, addressing the media and select SMBs at Delhi’s India Habitat Centre. WhatsApp and Invest India announced a partnership to help the growth of startups and SMBs in India. This is touted to be one of the largest corporate partnerships Invest India has made so far.

An average of around 50,000 queries per day at an accuracy rate of 89 percent; a peak of over 1.5 lakh queries in a day and an average query response time of 0.5 seconds – these are the vital statistics of Ask Disha. It’s been a little over half a month that CoRover’s chatbot – Ask Disha – went live on the Indian Railway website IRCTC. Ankush Sabharwal, co-founder of CoRover, said that the chatbot had received a positive response so far and that he and his team were deploying code twice a day to update its features.

Apple has held two grand launch events in two months, and this time, the non-iPhone devices have received an upgrade. On Tuesday, Apple rolled out two new iPad Pros, a refreshed MacBook Air, and a Mac Mini. All new devices borrow features from last year’s iPhone X, and are increasingly blurring the lines between phones, tablets and computers.

Capital Float reported a standalone revenue of Rs 135.10 crore in FY18. This is sharply up from Rs 53.84 crore reported in FY17. The loss for FY18 almost doubled to Rs 92.1 crore.  In FY17, the company reported a loss of Rs 63.47crore.

Over 90% of Indian startups fail within 5 years of inception. What mistakes are these startups making? Kunal Shah talks about the one curse that’s stopping Indian startups from becoming successful, on #BuildingItUp with Bertelsmann.

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FROM THE ARCHIVE | Tchaikovsky on Depression and Finding Beauty Amid the Wreckage of the Soul

tchaikovsky_letters1.jpg?w=680“An artist needs a certain amount of turmoil and confusion,” Joni Mitchell once told an interviewer. Indeed, the history of the arts is the history of the complex relationship between creativity and mental illness. But while psychologists have found that a low dose of melancholy enhances creativity, its clinical extreme in depression can be creatively debilitating.

Few artists have walked that fine line with more tenacity and self-awareness than the great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (May 7, 1840–November 6, 1893). Frequently throughout his correspondence with family and friends, collected in The Life and Letters of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (public librarypublic domain) — the source of his enduring ideas on work ethic vs. inspirationthe paradox of client work, and why you should never allow interruptions in your creative process — Tchaikovsky notes his cyclical lapses into depression, undergirded by a dogged dedication to looking for beauty and meaning amid the spiritual wreckage. This intimate tango of sadness and radiance is ultimately what gives his music its timeless edge in penetrating the soul.


In a letter from the spring of 1870, shortly after his thirtieth birthday, Tchaikovsky writes:

2e292385-dc1c-4cfe-b95e-845f6f98c2ec.pngI am sitting at the open window (at four a.m.) and breathing the lovely air of a spring morning… Life is still good, [and] it is worth living on a May morning… I assert that life is beautiful in spite of everything! This “everything” includes the following items: 1. Illness; I am getting much too stout, and my nerves are all to pieces. 2. The Conservatoire oppresses me to extinction; I am more and more convinced that I am absolutely unfitted to teach the theory of music. 3. My pecuniary situation is very bad. 4. I am very doubtful if Undine will be performed. I have heard that they are likely to throw me over.

In a word, there are many thorns, but the roses are there too.

Even though Tchaikovsky frequently lamented his “wearing, maddening depression,” perhaps most remarkable yet quintessentially human about his disposition was the ability to assure his loved ones of the very things he was unable to internalize himself — for who among us hasn’t found that it is far easier to offer light to our dearest humans in situations that leave our own inner worlds shrouded in impenetrable darkness?

In the fall of 1876, Tchaikovsky consoles his beloved nephew through a period of dejection and melancholy:

2e292385-dc1c-4cfe-b95e-845f6f98c2ec.pngProbably you were not quite well, my little dove, when you wrote to me, for a note of real melancholy pervaded your letter. I recognized in it a nature closely akin to my own. I know the feeling only too well. In my life, too, there are days, hours, weeks, aye, and months, in which everything looks black, when I am tormented by the thought that I am forsaken, that no one cares for me. Indeed, my life is of little worth to anyone. Were I to vanish from the face of the earth to-day, it would be no great loss to Russian music, and would certainly cause no one great unhappiness. In short, I live a selfish bachelor’s life. I work for myself alone, and care only for myself. This is certainly very comfortable, although dull, narrow, and lifeless. But that you, who are indispensable to so many whose happiness you make, that you can give way to depression, is more than I can believe. How can you doubt for a moment the love and esteem of those who surround you? How could it be possible not to love you? No, there is no one in the world more dearly loved than you are. As for me, it would be absurd to speak of my love for you. If I care for anyone, it is for you, for your family, for my brothers and our old Dad. I love you all, not because you are my relations, but because you are the best people in the world.

The Life and Letters of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky remains a wonderful and abidingly rewarding read in its entirety. Complement this particular fragment with Charles Dickens’s beautiful missive of consolation to his bereaved sister and E.B. White’s assuring letter to a man who had lost faith in life.

Jay’s Tantra :)

When the sky turns red, a broken heart shall mark the destruction of culture and the rise of two empires.

It shall be then, when the darkness rises once more, a golden haired man shall cause the rise of a kingdom and the rise of grandeur.

When the day comes that the winds show their true power, a suspicious malfunction shall mark the overthrowing of royalty and broken friendships.

There comes a day when the world turns to summer, a proposition shall bring a change of leadership and depravity.

सरदार साहब ने रियासतों को जोड़कर देश का एकीकरण किया, वहीं हमारी सरकार ने GST के माध्यम से देश का आर्थिक एकीकरण किया है – One Nation One Tax का सपना साकार किया है। via NaMo App

PM Modi’s quotes http://nm4.in/TyHUGo via NaMo App

Sidewalk – Free verse by jay

I saw the holed paved surface of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned porous pavement.
Polished, permanent, porous pavement.
Are you upset by how muddled they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the porous pavement so pickled?

The darkened driveway is not soiled!
the darkened driveway is exceptionally moral.
A darkened driveway is legible. a darkened driveway is moral,
a darkened driveway is impure, however.

Just like a bumpy, is suburban street.
Never forget the tiny and minuscule suburban street.