Agriculture budget enhanced by 74.5% to achieve goal of doubling farmers’ income: Radha Mohan Singh | Kashmir Reader

via Agriculture budget enhanced by 74.5% to achieve goal of doubling farmers’ income: Radha Mohan Singh | Kashmir Reader

Weekly Commandments

You shall prove your worth and work to become more worthy.
You shall not let fear overtake your judgment.
You shall give to charity what you can spare.
You shall live life with joy and wonder, for the world is a wonderful place.
You shall honor the faith.
You shall not betray your family.
You shall honor your elders.
You shall pursuit happiness, both your own and that of your community.
You shall not cause chaos or mayhem.
You shall not forge the word of god.

Jay’s Tantra

You shall only take responsibility for your own mistakes and those of your children.
You shall seek out the world for all its wonders.
You shall reach for perfection even knowing you cannot reach it, for perfection is god.
You shall care for animals orphaned by misfortune.
You shall give testimony of crimes you witnessed, unless the crimes were committed by your children.
You shall seek knowledge, for knowledge brings you closer to god.
You shall love your neighbor.
You shall be truthful.
You shall not hide treasures or resources from others.
You shall encourage others who follow the path of god.

ONe Random Act of cn

  1. complimented you for
  2. Save water – turn the tap off when brushing your teeth!
  3. Know someone going through something you’ve been through? Give them advice
  4. Smile at 3 people today
  5. Surroundings looking messy? Tidy up the area around you
  6. Give up your seat on the tube/bus
  7. Let someone know how much you appreciate them
  8. Compliment someone today!
  9. Make someone’s day – tell a friend why you appreciate them
  10. Tell a friend about ARK/World Kindness Day

Jay’s Tantra

You shall not unleash your angers onto others.
You shall not cause chaos or mayhem.
You shall take responsibility for your mistakes.
You shall not take my name in vain.
You shall not act upon your darkest desires, but instead cleanse them from your being.
You shall not do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you.
You shall offer your service to those in need.
You shall not question god or god’s word.
You shall believe in your abilities as you believe in god.
You shall not take life for granted.

Did you know

Did you know…

… that today is MTV 500,000 Videos Day? In 1989, MTV played its 500,000th music video, Van Halen’s “Finish What Ya Started.” Celebrate today by finishing a project you’ve started!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.”

— Dodinsky

Random Act Kindness

  1. Good servicing requires a lot of effort; tip them!
  2. Who will be making dinner for your family today? Tag, you’re it!
  3. Buy more ethically sourced foods
  4. Tell a friend about ARK/World Kindness Day
  5. Remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room!
  6. Open the door for someone
  7. Taking public transport? Offer your seat to someone else
  8. Remember that friend you haven’t seen for ages? Give them a call
  9. Help someone academically – lend them your study notes
  10. Help someone struggling with heavy bags

Lifeline express and NECT



It’s a matter of gratification and reward to inform you that today after 6 days of onsite eye health treatment in Life line express train , Khanapur Taluk we have completed 332  free cataract surgeries with over 1700 patients benefitted for eye health which has been acknowledged widely. 


It was a great experience to be associated with Impact India and extend the yeoman service to the real needy. Such rich  experiences will be a stepping stone to march ahead towards making the nation cataract free.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to Impact India CEO Mr Joseph E for believing in Nayonika eye care charitable trust and giving an opportunity to serve needy patients of Khanapur.


Our Sincere thanks to Govt of Karnataka Health Dept , efficient staffs of impact India , Mr Sanjeev Kulkarni , Dr Prateek Jain , Dr subangi , Dr Kittur , support staffs for their commendable work and we seek the association and cooperation in future too.


Thanks and regards 

Prashant S B and Dr Surekha

Your Story – The Startpreneurs’ fav news letter

Daily Capsule | 27th October

Editor’s Note

Do you remember what you did when you were five years old? Most of us just have a handful of memories from back then. And then there is Tanmay Bakshi, who began coding at the age of 5. Ten years down the line, he is an AI expert for Google and IBM and a TEDx speaker. He also created an iOS app at 9 and became the world’s youngest IBM Watson Programmer by the time he was 12 years old. He has also co-authored the book, Hello Swift! iOS Programming for Kids and Other Beginners. Talk about having an impressive resume! Read his interview here.

And don’t forget to check out our other stories!

Uber Eats will soon have its ‘virtual restaurant’! Uber launched its first-of-a-kind virtual restaurant in partnership with Cafe Coffee Day. With this partnership, Uber Eats will leverage CCD’s existing 1,700 cafes and kitchen space. The first brand, which is yet to be named, will be launched next month. The menu will focus on home-style meals. The team will start with 10 cafes in Bengaluru and will expand on the basis of user behaviour and order patterns.

A creative writing guide describes journaling as “a written record of your thoughts, experiences, and observations.” Do you remember your childhood diary? Well, in the age of the internet, journaling has taken on a new avatar. Daylio is a mood-tracking journal and diary that enables you to maintain a beautiful private journal “without having to type a single line,” claims the app’s description on iTunes.

Amazon’s third quarter was a mixed bag. Even as it posted record profits, the Seattle-based tech giant missed revenue expectations, leading its stock to tumble more than nine percent in a day. By some estimates, if this trend continues, Microsoft may soon overtake Amazon in terms of market cap.

With women continuing to call out men for sexual misconduct, the Centre has now constituted a group of ministers (GoM) under Home Minister Rajnath Singh to strengthen legal and institutional frameworks and prevent sexual harassment at the workplace. The GoM will recommend action required for effective implementation of existing provisions as well as to strengthen existing frameworks for addressing issues related to sexual harassment at the workplace.

And finally, in this week’s funding roundup, the number of seed and early-stage deals has halved but the amount raised increased 4x to $53.6 million (as against $13.5 million). This actually bucked the trend of slowing “seed and early stage” deals that was revealed in NASSCOM’s startup ecosystem report. With no late-stage deals this week, total funding fell to $58.26 million.

Get financial support and mentorship for your startup at the CII Startupreneur Awards 2018. CII has launched the national ‘CII Startupreneur Awards’ with the theme “Recognising India’s Future Business Leader”. The most promising startups in biotech/pharma, manufacturing, services, agriculture and food and women startups will be recognised by the corporate world for their excellence in disruptive technologies and innovation, wealth creation, and employment generation. Winners from various sectors will be awarded on December 3, 2018 where member companies (Godrej Industries, Godrej Consumer Products, L&T, JCB, PI Industries, Infosys, Tata Steel and Cyient) will support them in their startup journey. Last date to apply is 31 October, 2018. Apply Now!

Divorving after 35 years 😃😃😃

WhatsApp forward story I liked.

Divorce after 35 years !!– Very nice story

An elderly man in Mumbai calls his son in New York and  says …..

‘I hate to ruin your day son, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are getting a divorce; 

35 years of marriage… and that much misery is enough !’

‘Dad, what are you talking about?’ the son screams.

‘We can’t stand the sight of each other any longer,’ the old man says.

‘We’re sick of each other, and I’m sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Hong Kong and tell her !’

Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone.

‘Like heck they’re getting divorced,’ she shouts, ‘I’ll take care of this.’

She calls Mumbai immediately, and screams at the old man,

 ‘You are not getting divorced. 

Don’t do a single thing until I get there. 

I’m calling my brother back, and we’ll both be there tomorrow. 

Until then , don’t do a thing,  DO YOU HEAR ??’ and she hangs up.

The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. 

‘Okay’, he says,

 ‘It’s all set. 

They’re both coming for our anniversary and paying their own airfare !!’ 😄


No man / woman is busy in this world all 365 days.

The sky is not going to fall down if you take few days LEAVE and meet your dear ones.

OFFICE WORK or MONEY MAKING is not everything in life !!!!

You may post the above story in all groups if you REALLY like it😀.