Leading a Company That Wants to Change Lives through Sports

via Leading a Company That Wants to Change Lives through Sports

Big Think – Personal Growth

What is kalsarikänni? The Finnish art of being "pantsdrunk" Drinking home alone in your underwear just might be what you need to be as relaxed as the Finnish. Mike Colagrossi 15 October, 2018 Päntsdrunk is the latest trend to come out of Scandinavia and it involves drinking alone at home. Finnish writer Miska Rantanen outlines … Continue reading Big Think – Personal Growth

Commandments – Replace You with I or We

You shall not act upon your darkest desires, but instead cleanse them from your being. You shall not forge the word of god. You shall remain committed to god and god's world. You shall strife for a life in harmony with all. You shall look only to god for what may come in the future. … Continue reading Commandments – Replace You with I or We

Love and final state of union 

Love varies with degree, and the ultimate final state of Union with God. Like a tree love has branches; branches of whole hearted devotion, perfect non-violence, selfless-service, self-denial, self-sacrifice, self-renunciation, self-annihilation and Truth. -------AVATAR MEHER BABA [From- LESSONS FOR SPIRITUAL ASPIRANTS, Complied by:  BIRENDRA KUMAR] [Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Ahmednagar … Continue reading Love and final state of union 

Chemistry of lying

The Chemistry of Lying Introduction YouTube Video What happens when you lie? Do you start to sweat or get a little nervous? Does your heart begin to beat a little faster? Lying is the act of being deceptive or untruthful. It has become apart of everyday life for most people, with the average person telling … Continue reading Chemistry of lying