RAK Movement – Random Acts of kindness for the day

  1. Be proactive – sign a petition for a good cause
  2. Help someone improve, give them constructive feedback
  3. We rarely listen to others – ask someone about their day
  4. Feed a stray animal if you spot one
  5. Someone looking lost? Help them with directions
  6. Support a small, local business as a customer
  7. House chores can be tiring – offer a helping hand
  8. Oooh wait! There’s somebody behind you; hold the door open!
  9. Treat a friend – buy them lunch!
  10. Make an effort to get to know someone you don’t usually talk to

Interesting Prophecies – Jay’s Tantra

When the day comes that the last one dies, a suspicious death shall mark the return of dragons and a time of war.

There comes a day when the red lady reveals her true self, a contract shall bring forth an era of love and a generation of health.

Upon the day the sister becomes the mother, a refusal shall bring forth the rise of hope and the rise of education.

Upon the day all is celebrated, a child in red shall cause a reunion of enemies.

Weekly Commandments

You shall not create idols.
You shall offer a meal to hungry strangers.
You shall give testimony of crimes you witnessed, unless the crimes were committed by your children.
You shall love your neighbor.
You shall abide by promises you make.
You shall accept life as god intended it to be.
You shall treat strangers with kindness.
You shall be proud only of others.
You shall live fully in the here and now.
You shall look after your mind and body.

The Trainer and the Hypnotist

Rhyming Couplet Ideas by jay

See the hopping of the Trainer,
I think he’s angry at the complainer.

He finds it hard to see the pig,
Overshadowed by the weird golden fig.

Who is that prowling near the snake?
I think she’d like to eat the stomach ache.

She is but a hungry comedian,
Admired as she sits upon a garabedian.

Her scary car is just a chicken,
It needs no gas, it runs on bikin.

She’s not alone she brings a dog,
a pet fox, and lots of dialogue.

The fox likes to chase a cat,
Especially one that’s in the tat.

The Trainer shudders at the living duck
He want to leave but she wants the panel truck.

Startpreneur’s fav newsletter.

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Morning Briefing (9 Min Reading Time)
Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world
Digital payment platform PhonePe has introduced micro-apps for hospitality company chain OYO, bus ticketing platform Abhibus, and Flipkart group company Myntra. The move is part of PhonePe’s effort to create an open payment ecosystem for businesses and users to connect with each other, and also take their offerings to over 100 Mn PhonePe users.
Google India has announced its financials for FY18, thereby recording a 30% increase in its business over the previous year. This is more than 50% increase over the past three years. As per reports, nearly 69% of Google India’s revenues are driven by advertising service that displays ads next to search results.
Swedish furniture and home furnishing retailer Ikea will start its online retail operations in India by March 2019, as the company aims on creating a multichannel experience for its customers in the country, Ikea India chief executive Peter Betzel said.
Fact sheet by Inc42 Datalabs.
Manav Garg who founded Eka Software, a commodity trading software company in 2004, has seen many seasons of entrepreneurs, the rise of Indian startup ecosystem and, along the way, has grown his company to a leading provider of commodity management solutions all over the world. We asked Garg his views on new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and their future in India. Here is the excerpts of the conversation.
Vishal Gondal believes that you will not get people simply by putting up ads on Naukri and LinkedIn, but rather on the field by networking. “You are more likely to find your early employees and early co-founders as I said not on Linkedin or Naukri but they will be in conferences, events, or if you are in the health space, your co-founder might be running a marathon with you,” he says.
AllTrails has raised $75 million, led by Spectrum Equity, which has taken a majority stake in the company in the process. Founded in 2010, AllTrails raised a small amount of capital years ago from investors, including 2020 Ventures and 500 Startups. It was also part of AngelPad’s inaugural accelerator class. This is its first sizeable round of equity financing.
This was highly irregular as normal Facebook users can’t do this — if you delete messages from your own inbox, those messages still remain in the recipient’s inbox. Then in April, Facebook said it planned to implement an “unsend” feature for everyone, but gave no further details or delivery date.
Steve Jurvetson, the high-flying investor and Tesla board member ousted from his venture capital firm almost a year ago, is making moves as part of his attempted comeback, Recode has learned. Jurvetson is searching for co-founders to join Future Ventures, his new investing firm, and one likely hire is Maryanna Saenko.

Pass to yourself day

Did you know…

… that today is Pass to Yourself Day? In 1997, Minnesota Viking quarterback Brad Johnson passed the ball, had it batted back, caught it, and ran the ball into the end zone, thus becoming the first NFL quarterback to pass to himself for a touchdown. You definitely won’t see a play like that every day!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Unlike an elevator, no one can push your buttons without your permission once you understand what triggers you. Self-knowledge is power.”

Love dissolves ego

love dissolves ego.

Love is dynamic in action and contagious in effect.

Love is desire for happiness of others.

Love is a gift from God.



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Wisdom Quotes

Don’t expect happiness to just fall into your lap, you have to go out and find it.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. (Dalai Lama)

Judge your day by the seeds you plant for tomorrow, not by the harvest you received from the seeds of yesterday.
Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Never Tell People What You Do – The Mission – Medium

Never Tell People What You Do


It’s a simple question, and you’ve probably answered it hundreds of times. “What do you do?” If you’re like most people, you probably get the answer dead wrong.

Your standard reply is probably a factual description of your current job.

The right answer is: what you WANT to do.

The best way to pick up this habit is to take a trip to Los Angeles. Ask your cab driver what he does. “I’m a screenwriter,” he could say, “Working on a thriller about two school children who stumble onto a plot to blow up the Hoover Dam.”

When you go out to dinner, ask the same question of your waitress. The odds are 50/50 she’ll say, “I’m an actress.”

24-year-old interns are “directors”. 44-year-old ad agency execs are “producers”. Everyone talks about their aspirations, not what paid the rent this month.

Now some may argue that Los Angeles is La La Land, and there is nothing to be learned from people who are dreaming big and perhaps spinning their wheels. But I disagree.

You are probably much closer to your goals than an aspiring Hollywood actor. The main thing standing in your way is your willingness to say what you want.

An earlier version of this article appeared on LinkedIn, where over 300 million people have posted profiles that summarize their professional career. You probably have one, too. (If not, think about the last time you sent someone a cover letter or inquired about a job.)

Which of these best describe what you say in your profile or pitch?

a. What you’ve done

b. What you want to do

One of the main purposes of LinkedIn is to help you discover career opportunities, so you might guess that is the one place where people say what they want to do.

You would be wrong.

Most people say what they have done.

I’m not telling you to lie. I’m telling you to be bold enough to share what you want. Your resume says what you’ve done. That’s in the past.

When I was in the training business, an executive asked one of my colleagues whether we had a two-day training program customized for his industry. “Yes, we do,” said my colleague, who then spent the weekend creating such a program. He combined initiative, imagination and effort… and won a new client.

Not to get too personal, but we have a running battle at this moment in my household. My 22-year-old son is moving to Los Angeles to become a TV writer (ironic, isn’t it?). My wife, who is the practical one in our relationship, wants Jeff to tell everyone, “I’ll take any job in TV.”

I want him to say again and again and again, “I want to write for TV.”

Why would you give up your dream at 22?

(Not to worry… Jeff won’t.)

The happiest and most successful people nearly always have a sense of what they want to do next, or of how they wish to grow. They are able to say where they are headed, instead of where they have been the past few years. If you met Elon Musk, I bet he wouldn’t talk much about Paypal; he would probably tell you about how he plans to make space flight routine.

When you say what you want, you give others the opportunity to help you make your dreams come true.

When you are too embarrassed or cautious to say what you want, you make it impossible for others to help you.

Be bold. Be brave. Be honest.

Whenever humanly possible, say what you want, not what you do.

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Meteorite used as doorstop worth $100,000

Meteorite used as doorstop for decades worth $100,000
It had a role in that old farmhouse…
05 October, 2018
It landed on a farm near Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1930, and is estimated to be 4 billion years old
When the house was sold, it was included in the sale by the farmer who had no idea of its value, but had quite a story about finding it
If you see a meteorite fall to Earth and remain at least partially intact, it would be in your best interest to run (or drive, quickly) to find it!
It’s not often that Mona Sirbescu, a professor of geology at Central Michigan University, has actually had someone come in with what they thought was a meteorite, and then found it to be true. In fact, this is the only time it’s happened to her.

People bring things there frequently, and they’re never meteorites. However, a man named David Mazurek showed up recently with a specimen that proved be the the bonafide thing. “For 18 years, the answer has been categorically ‘no,’ meteor wrongs, not meteorites,” Sibescu quipped in a statement from CMU on Thursday.

Weighing in at 22.5 lbs., and made of 88.5 percent iron and 11.5 percent nickel, Mazurek’s rock is only the 12th actual meteorite to be identified in the state. “I could tell right away that this was something special,” Sibescu said. “It’s the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically.”

The Smithsonian, in Washington, D.C., has confirmed that it is an actual meteorite.

Central Michigan University

The 4-billion-year-old “Edmore Meteorite”

It has quite a story behind it. You see, the meteorite (remember that meteors disintegrate before entering or while entering our atmosphere, while meteorites are the ones that make it all the way to Earth’s surface) landed on some farmland in a town called Edmore, Michigan, in the 1930s.

Apparently, according to the old farmer who lived there, it made quite a racket. When he and his sons dug it up the next day from the crater, it was still warm. The meteorite was sold with the farmhouse to Mazurek about 30 years ago, who then moved on a few years later, bringing the “rock” with him. When it wasn’t being used as a door stop, it was something that his kids would take to school for show-and-tell.

Photo by George Varros and Dr. Peter Jenniskens/NASA/Getty Images

Device Tracks And Photographs Meteorites
Now dubbed the Edmore meteorite, it’s likely to end up in one museum or another. “What typically happens with these at this point is that meteorites can either be sold and shown in a museum or sold to collectors and sellers looking to make a profit,” Sirbescu said.

Both the Smithsonian and a mineral museum in Maine are considering purchasing the meteorite for display. If it sells, Mazurek has decided to give 10 percent of the sale value to Central Michigan University for the study of earth and atmospheric sciences.

Sirbescu, though, seemed more impressed with its other qualities. “Just think, what I was holding is a piece of the early solar system that literally fell into our hands,” she said.

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