Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is the anniversary of the World’s Largest Pizza? The world’s largest pizza was built on October 11, 1987, by Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone. The pizza covered 10,000 square feet and measured 140 feet across. It weighed in at 44,457 pounds and was cut into 94,248 slices and eaten by more than 30,000 spectators in Havana, Florida. Yum!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.”

— George Washington

It’s OK, Not OK.

I saw this Pictorial series below by Useful Gen and thought I would share it with the readers. I found these very motivating and thought provoking.

Most OutStanding people I have met in my life, have chosen to Stand OUT and take a call on what Purpose they wish to pursue in life and have become OUTSTANDING in their chosen field of activity.  Most of us though, sometimes are victims of circumstances genuinely and other times make true the saying ‘ “you can justify anything” and try and justify our unlimited supply of excuses and try and Remain where we are or Just Fit In while the Outstanding People ‘Just Do It’ by taking a Leap of Faith in the Sea full of Risks – known and unknown.

It is difficult, I realise initially to deal with the people who believe, speak and act differently. We need to hone our senses and listen to them carefully and the more we keep quiet – the more we listen and all intelligent queries are answered by the ‘Different Thinking’ people because they have 1. Dreamt it 2. Rationalised it 3. They have foreseen the future 4. They have decided to live in that future 5 Which often means they have decided to create that future and 6. They have a plan ready about Who, What, When and Why in their minds or in their Strategy notes.  For the attentive listener/ appreciative inquirer – they Open up and share most of their thoughts – not with a mind to convince or convert but just to satiate your intelligent queries.

Failure does not mean you need to Give Up. It simply means that we left few gaps unfilled and did not foresee the new weaknesses which emerged while playing the game which made us lose.

Failure also does not mean you play the same game again and again to Master it as you may not have enough resources or time left to do that and the new weaknesses/ Risks and Gaps which lead to the failure may not be affordable to overcome immediately. So what should one do? IMHO – Park the thought for a better time when you are Ready with Time, Money, Materials and other Resources, tools and techniques and a well thought through plan. It helps.

In the interim, one should change course and do what one does best – sometimes for others for a price.  This must be done with a mind to recoup the losses and an eye on re=building what you lost – the failure ( in this case I am considering a business/ a start up).

Recently, on a Crowdfunding site, I had backed someone who missed the funding opportunity by a whisker and I had the similar advice to them – Reconstruct, Reposition. Look at the Product, Pricing, Positioning once again and rebuild the advertising campaign with few modifications. These youngsters had two products but they were promoting one while the other was a useful item but was being given away to backers as gift and I felt it had the potential to be a standalone success.

I guess, many of us would have felt this phenomenon and I liked this graphic by Useful Gen and reproduced for you.

At the workplace, I have believed “Give people voice, once they have got their voice – you will find yours” and trust me when I say this – I have found it true most of the times. Regular staff meetings, Townhall, quality circles even informal meetings, get togethers or functions are opportunities for letting people speak up.  Once they see you listening – they believe that you are responsive ( even if you wish to mull over their thoughts, ideas and suggestions and may not decide right away) they feel comfortable that their opinion matters, they are heard.

I believe in this so much. We are not Omnipotent, we are not omniscient, We are not Gods, We are not super humans and we can not even fathom ever 1 percent of the knowledge there is in this world. Thus, pretending to know when we don’t is where the above graphic and the saying comes very useful. I have seen people appreciating whole-heartedly if I said – I am not an exper on this subject – if you wish I can help you source one or you may search thru your own network.  Being Cogent, forthright in this area is most liked by people.

As I said above about Failure – sometimes it is time to move one, it is futile to keep doing the same thing and failing to the new weaknesses, new risks which make us fail inspite of all possible good  preparations and plans.



Free verse by jay

A fallen, however hard it tries,
Will always be piled.
Does the fallen make you shiver?
does it?

An absent, however hard it tries,
Will always be wrist.
Does the absent make you shiver?
does it?

A lack, however hard it tries,
Will always be yellow.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the lack,
Gently it goes – the white-livered, the dishonourable, the chickenhearted.

The cunning failing sings like horses fibers
Now cute is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the failing is ingenious.

Interesting prophecies – Jay’s Tantra- Have Fun :)

It shall be on the day that the horned one returns, a duel shall mark an end to hunger and an era of favorable crop yields.

Upon the day sisters reunite, a foolish choice shall cause the end of history and the fall of a false god.

As soon as the sister becomes the mother, an overheard conversation shall bring forth depravity and an age of failing crops.

There comes a day when winter turns to summer, the banished one shall bring forth a new life and an age of tranquility.

Check this out from The Times of India

Amitabh Bachchan on Me Too movement: No woman should ever be subjected to any kind of misbehavior


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Censor Jokes

a blonde walks into a store and asks, may I buy that tv, the store salesman say, sorry, we don’t serve blondes.

she comes the next day with her hair dyed black, and asks the same guy, can I buy this tv. the salesman says, sorry, we don’t serve blondes.

frustrated, the next day she dyes her hair red and to make sure, she asks a different salesman, can I buy this tv. he says, sorry, we don’t serve blondes.

the blonde says, how on earth did u know I was blonde. the salesman says, that’s a microwave 

The Perfect Master 

” He who has eyes but does not see,

He who has ears but does not hear,

He who has a tongue but does not speak,

He can see Me as I should be seen

And can know Me as I should be known.

This does not mean that you should become inactive. On the contrary it means that you should be constantly alert towards the expressive Beauty of the All-pervading Beloved. On this Hafiz has said,

If you want your Beloved to be present,

Do not absent yourself for one moment from His Presence.

The Perfect Master is in everything, and is the Centre of everything. Every one and every thing is therefore equidistant from Him. Though, owing to our own limitations, He appears outwardly to be present at only one place at a time, He is on every plane of consciousness at one and the same time. To see Him as He is, is to see God.

So beware lest when the divine Beloved knocks at the door of your heart He finds you absent. ” 

— Meher Baba


Check this out from The Times of India

‘India will soon find out’: Trump on US sanctions for S-400 deal with Russia


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What is Bliss?

Bliss is something quite distinct from happiness and misery. Happiness and misery are gained through experiences of the mind.

Bliss is something totally different; after the death of the mind, what the soul gains through God is bliss. Happiness and misery are due to the mind, while bliss exists on account of the soul. 

Bliss cannot be described. It cannot be grasped. It is to be experienced.

 LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 5, p. 1190

Photo Courtesy Beloved Archives

Observing stroke recovery in mice may help humans

Observing stroke recovery in mice may provide guide for humans
08 October, 2018
Scientists have observed genes responsible for helping mice recover from strokes.
This could provide guidance for humans.
Drugs could be developed to target these specific genes.
Scientists at Stanford Medicine recently observed that some mice recovered from strokes better than others, leading them to wonder whether or not they could find evidence that specific genes played a role in recovery. They did.

The results of the study — which can be read here — describes thirty-three male mice with strokes and seven mice without strokes being charged with balancing on a “horizontal rotating beam” — running out across and back. After the stroke, the mice couldn’t do this. Two weeks after the stroke, 25% of the mice were able to recover well enough to run across the length of the beam and back.

Previous research into stroke recovery in mice has noted that sensory deprivation has pushed its brain in a more healthy direction if its whiskers were trimmed; blocking an immune response aids stroke recovery; Ambien can aid in recovery; there’s research that talks about a rich, playful environment aiding in a mouse’s recovery, which is featured in the video below; and even a grape-rich diet can help improve stroke recovery in mice.

Why look at genetic recovery in mice? “Understanding the genes regulated post-stroke could help us design novel ways to treat patients in the days and weeks after the initial event,” Michelle Y. Cheng is quoted as saying.

What was found? “Distinct biological pathways” in the portion of the motor cortex opposite the lesion wrought by the stroke as well as pathways on the same side of lesion-affected cortex. There were 38 genes on the side of the brain impacted by the lesion associated with recovery and 74 genes opposite the lesion that were associated with recovery.

A majority of these genes are involved with something called cAMP signaling. cAMP signaling detects molecules outside already existing cells and has a role in determining a response.

‘cAMP signalling’ activates a protein called a protein kinase that modifies other proteins in the body that send signals off somewhere else. Broadly speaking, cAMP signalling also has a role in memory, water absorbed in the kidney, whether or not the heart is relaxed, breaking down fats, and more.

The particular genes involved in cAMP signalling that played a role in stroke recovery for the mice are called adenosine receptor A2A, dopamine receptor D2, and phosphodiesterase 10A. Receptors are protein molecules embedded in cell membranes that respond to external stimuli to transmit information somewhere else. The A2A is often a target of caffeine. It is a protein that is abundant in platelets, lymphocytes, and more. The D2 receptor is typically the target of most antipsychotic drugs. Current research suggests that there might be a link between phosphodiesterase 10A and obesity.

In the case of post-stroke recovery, however, the study notes that activating A2A “signaling within a few hours poststroke can reduce inflammatory cell infiltration after stroke”; that “activation of Drd2 on astrocytes in acute stroke can reduce neuroinflammation”; and that “inhibition of Pde10a may be a promising therapeutic strategy for psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.”

There are complications — blocking A2A signaling can help against a lesion-induced toxicity; and not only does Drd2 inhibit cAMP communicating with the rest of the body, but “the role of Drd2 in brain repair is also unclear.”

Nevertheless, this is research that makes the figurative target of our interest a little clearer and a little sharper, illustrating where medicine can take aim next.

via Observing stroke recovery in mice may help humans