Quote from : Iris Apfel | 1921 – | American fashion icon

For me work is great fun. I love what I do. And, it’s much more interesting than sitting around with a bunch of dopey dames.”

Iris Apfel | 1921 – | American fashion icon

Picked that one up from the HBO documentary, ‘If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast.’ It’s an inspiring reminder that life can be a happy thing for far longer than some might think.
Apfel will be 97 at the end of this month. Another reminder from her is below.

“The day I grew up was the day I realized there is no free lunch. You pay for everything — not only in money — but you pay with time, with experience, with love, with pain, you pay some way. You don’t get away free. If you do, you get something for nothing, and it’s worth nothing.”